About us

About Us

Global Products is a marketing partner for specialty lubricants and hose clamps and broad range of fastening applications.

Our lubrication programs are designed to protect your equipment and help make your life easier by consolidating lubricants, improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

With over 6 years of market expertise, Global Products offers excellent customer service, experienced industry engineering talent and a broad range of high quality products. We are passionate people partnering to set the global standard of excellence in everything we do. Our products are highly engineered, top-line quality. Customers can choose from a diverse stock supply or we can design and manufacture to specific requirements. We work with our customers to develop and supply stainless steel clamps, worm drive hose clamps, high-torque clamps, constant tension clamps, T-Bolts, V-Inserts, no-hub couplings and a host of specialty and custom clamping products.

In addition to our engineering support and high quality products, we offer connections with warehousing and distribution options along with sales assistance to support your region.

Our Vision

At Global Products, we have an unwavering commitment to providing the very best in customer satisfaction. It has always been our company’s culture that customer service comes before anything else. We always go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that each customer receives the very best service we can possibly offer. From the company’s directors & senior management, to the customer service team, and our installation & service operatives, it is everyone’s job first and foremost to provide polite, helpful and e¬ffective service to meet each customer’s needs every day. We are totally committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction. We aim to satisfy our customer’s requirements by ensuring the highest levels of quality and service in all that we do. We believe that each of our customers is entitled to excellence in service irrespective of their size or location. We can justifiably claim that this policy has served our customers well; year on year in excess of seventy percent of our business comes either directly from our existing customer base or as the direct result of a recommendation from an existing customer. Our goal is to develop products and services that meet or exceed the extreme demands found in the many industries we serve.

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